1. What is the Anklav. 100 Most Creative Russians?

Anklav. 100 Most Creative Russians is a selection of 100 outstanding creative individuals and teams representing the creative sector of the Kaliningrad region economy today.

2. How were these people selected?

The list is based on hundreds of nominations from over 200 experts across 12 creative industries. The selection criteria and stages are described in the Methodology section.

3. What are the creative industries and the creative economy?

The creative economy is a type of economy based on the capitalization of intellectual property in all areas of human activity — scientific, scientific and technical, cultural and, in general, creative activity. The core of the creative economy is the creative (creative) industries.

Creative (creative) industries are areas of activity in which companies, organizations, associations and individual entrepreneurs, in the process of creative and cultural activity, disposal of intellectual property, produce goods and services that have economic value, including ensuring the formation of a harmoniously developed personality and an increase in quality life of Russian society (definitions are taken from the Concept for the development of creative (creative) industries and mechanisms for the implementation of their state support in large and largest urban agglomerations until 2030)

Research industries:

  • Film, Video and Photography
  • Television and Radio
  • Music
  • Architecture
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Design
  • Publishing
  • Software and video games
  • Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Museums, galleries and creative clusters
  • Gastronomy

4. Why are creative industries important?

As it stands today, creative industries are one of the fastest growing sectors in the world’s largest economies. For example, in Germany, creative industries ranked third in gross added value in 2018, overtaken only by automotive and mechanical engineering.

In the UK, the creative sector is growing nearly twice the rate of the economy as a whole.

Contribution of German cultural and creative industries to gross value added compared to other sectors of economy 2018 (in € billion)

5. Why are creative industries important for the economy?

Creative industries play an important socio-economic role, contributing to the sustainability of economic and social development. Creative industries act as an environment that feeds the economy with new ideas and products, and also creates new high-margin jobs. In general, the creative sector is helping to shift from a commodity economy to a knowledge economy.

6. How are creative industries affecting economic performance in Russia?

Russia does not have a detailed economic accounting of creative industries yet. Today, the creative economy of Russia creates, according to various estimates, about 1 to 3% of GDP.

7. What are the goals of the Anklav. 100 Most Creative Russians project?

We strive to consolidate Kaliningrad region creative industries and to form an idea of ​​this new sector of the economy among investors and government bodies.

The Anklav. 100 Most Creative Russians project shows that Kaliningrad region is home to world-class creators and creative products. We want to pass this message locally and globally.